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once you’ve touched the beast of the deep

Davey Gans, Media Manager Pro Line
25 July 2018

There is no way back.

Once you’ve touched the beast of the deep. Hidden far far away in a world that 99% percent of the people have never heard about. A world that most people will never understand, appreciate or believe in. Somewhere, down there. Slowly moving, with no conscious at all, feeling free and at ease. A beauty. Nothing in between, just a beauty. Out there to be there, with only one enemy. A friendly enemy. That’s what we do it for, some of them have names but most of them don’t. They are deep, deeper then all of us. Think about it, feel it, put your feet up, light a cig and take some coffee. This is my story, a story about my dedication, my passion, my way of life and thinking.

There is always a way, a road or a path, you can choose the direction you want. Follow it to a dead end, or listen to your instinct and reach another highlight in your life. A path is out there to guide you to your final destination. The lovely thing about angling, and that’s why I like it so much, is that there is always a hard way or a rocky road which you can choose. The harder I need to work to get it done, the more satisfaction and adrenaline I get. All that my mind needs is the blood pumping mechanism to work on full power, on a next level and like never before. But how? How do I keep myself going and motivated? Getting bored quickly is one fucked up quality that I have. But I’ve found a way to satisfy my needs…
there is always a hard way or a rocky road which you can choose.
Just like allot of anglers I like to fish as hard as possible and as illegal as possible. Always hiding, spotting, looking over my shoulder and searching for the unknown and the known. Target hunting or catching random carp out of a river. I don’t care, I just follow my heart and do what I think is right at that particular moment. Just to keep it interesting! I love to find new spots and I love to change my current way of thinking. There is so much to learn… I love spreading out my small horizon and cast out some perfect rigs where I want and how I want, but unfortunately not always when I want.

“There I am”

Staring over the lake… Having this moment of peace you know. The only place where my brain doesn’t get any distraction of whatever fucking distraction there is. No, when I’m out there, doing my thing at the bank. That is the only moment in life that gives some rest to my mind, body and soul. So I can get my shit together, and focus on the things that need my focus. Becoming one with a lake you are fishing on is one of the greater things in life as a true carp angler. It almost gives you the key to success and to targets you want to achieve. But to become one, you really need to have all your shit together. At home, with the girls and all the other non-carp things. So when everything goes well, the fishing gets better too. But not always, sometimes it does. Not with me, that’s for sure! I was at my best when my shit wasn’t together. I stopped giving a fuck and loved to fish at illegal spots. Using unusual methods and rigs to catch the bigger ones. I was on fire, unstoppable and not a single carp was safe anymore. Damn. That was one hell of a time, I immediately forgot all the struggles that where going on in my life. Carp angling is like an escape from reality…
I stopped giving a fuck and loved to fish at illegal spots.
Do you know when you’ve fished too much at one spot? That… Well… You even start to smell your own urine. Because you’ve peed more against that tree behind your bivvy then at home? And when you start to see some kind of living room in it. That’s when you know you’ve fished too much at one spot. I even had my own “moment to shine corners”, that’s where I made the pictures of the carp I’ve caught. And believe me! I know every corner now! I even know which corner I need to choose when there is not enough light, too much light or no light at all… Photography, absolutely loving it!
When it all comes together and my fresh new catch is lying on my unhooking mat. Angry and absolutely not happy at all… That’s when I apologize and say thank you to the carp, a bit strange? Maybe… But I believe in karma and always treat carp with the respect they deserve. Then I gently lift him or her up in front of my carefully placed DSLR, make some quick pictures with the self timer, shoot a little video and return the carp. Back to where she belongs, one last flick of her tail is all I see before she slowly returns to the depth. A big smile appears on my face, everything went well, it’s time for a good cup of way too strong coffee with 3 cubes of sugar in it. While having my coffee I love to analyze the process of catching the carp I just returned. Call it routine. But that’s something I always love to do, checking the weather conditions and everything that had to do something with the catch. This way of thinking makes my fishing much better. I never do something without thinking, even when I drop my bait at a random spot. So, it’s actually not random at all.  

Its important to think about moves you make to catch a carp. Let me tell you guys something about a catch with a thought behind it

It was my sixth session at a new lake I was fishing on. The only thing I did was blanking, catching nothing at all, sitting defeated on my stretcher, looking angry and drinking coffee… I’ve spent at least 40 hours behind my carefully placed rods, I thought that I had it all figured out. But I didn’t. Why did I choose this lake? Scrolling on my phone through “the target album” answered this question. A dazzling scale pattern, old, mean looking and absolutely worth all the blanking.
“the target album”
I returned to the lake on a sunny day, without rods this time. I got my waders on and stepped into the water. Slowly and carefully moving through the reeds. My polarizing sunglasses helped me to spot with a big fat mirror right in front of me. I was in shock. Did not see this one coming. Not at all! My heart stopped pumping for a couple of seconds, I held my breath, my legs freezed and time stood still. I stood there for hours, looking and observing. The carp had no idea that I was around and kept on doing what they where doing. Never, in my entire life as an angler did I see something inspiring like this. So close… In their livingroom. I saw everything they did, feeding, chilling, communicating and hanging around with other carp on the block. So close… I learned allot that day, chilling with carp. What an experience! Can you imagine that you are standing in the water with a carp doing his thing right in front of your feet. Literally 1 meter away! And a big one too. Amazing. Like I said, I learned allot. Bringing no rods to the lake with loads of free time, a good investment! So I did that several times, looked at the lake with a complete different perspective as I did 2 weeks ago. I started to understand their way of feeding. I’m taking it easy now, stopped with getting the rods in asap and started to take the time to observe my spot. Just like that day. A cold and rainy midsummer day, my T-shirt was covered with a jacket and the sneakers turned into timberlands. My little paradise turned into a sober atmosphere, a completely different vibe then the last time. I observed. Waited patiently till I saw some activity, took my time to change the system I had at that moment. The shallow water is absolutely cooled down, the fish are deeper now, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. But the deeper I fish (2 meters instead of 1), the smaller the carp… Then. Out of a sudden, a little movement in the reeds. I can follow it. The reeds are slowly bending sideways, this looks familiar… I threw some crushed and flavoured boilies right on the spot where the action just happened. She will come back, I’ve seen that many times. Dropped a brown, carved and perfectly balanced pop-up 2 meters to the right of it. At the end of a small opening in the thick reeds. If she comes back. This will be the way that she will choose. The wrong way, a boobytrapped road. She will fall for it, and regret the fact that she did it. Taking it the same way as she always does. You should never follow the same way you always choose. Think different, follow the same path as always, but take different ways to get there. Or else.   You will get trapped.
” She will fall for it, and regret the fact that she did it.”